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Sunshine Mix 5

Single Product

Sunshine Mix 5

Sunshine Mix 5

in Sunshine Mixes

AHS Part# 27650-5


Sunshine ® Mix #5 is a fine mix formulated for growers who prefer peat and perlite germination and plug mixes with a full lime rate. It is recommended by SunGro for seed and cutting propagation and plug culture, seed starting, plug trays and cutting liner propagation trays.  (LP5 is the equivalent loosefill name for Mix #5.)  Ingredients include Plug-Grade Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Plug-Grade Perlite and Dolomitic Limestone. 

Standard Packaging: Compressed 3.8 cu ft Bag / 30 Bags per Pallet  / approximately 600 bags per truck load

Special Order: 110 cu ft (1/pallet); loosefill totes (2/pallet); 55 cu ft (2/pallet); 2.8 cu ft loosefill (51-54/pallet)


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