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Sunshine Mix 4

Single Product

Sunshine Mix 4

Sunshine Mix 4

in Sunshine Mixes

AHS Part # 27650-4


Sunshine Mix #4 is formulated with a high percentage of perlite for excellent drainage and high air capacity. It is recommended by SunGro for a wide variety of crops including nursery stock and perennials, cutting liner propagation and potted crops. (LA4 is the equivalent loosefill name for Mix #4.)  Ingredients include Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coarse Perlite and Dolomitic Limestone. 

Standard Packaging: Compressed 3.8 cu ft Bag / 30 Bags per Pallet  / approximately 600 bags per truck load

Special Order: 110 cu ft (1/pallet); loosefill totes (2/pallet); 55 cu ft (2/pallet); 2.8 cu ft loosefill (51-54/pallet)


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