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Why Us?

AHS is synonymous with horticultural hard goods on the west coast. We’ve been serving the green industry for over 38 years, providing great deals on quality products. 

Listed below are bullet points AHS, Inc. developed for the purpose of strengthening relationships & developing strategic partnerships.

1) Prepare a realistic budget that incorporates up to date information regarding cost of raw materials, energy & freight in addition to the normal cost of living increases ie labor costs, workers comp, liability insurance, etc…

2) Develop and implement a strategic plan that defines the market; updates the product mix to respond to identified demand, & evaluates realistic revenue potential as compared to well defined cost of raw materials & other production/operational expenses.

3) Develop a strategic partnership with a reputable distributor of horticultural supplies that understands proper budgeting requirements & is able to assist in limiting price fluctuations during specified budgetary periods, thus eliminating unexpected, & therefore unbudgeted, increases to the cost of production.

AHS has developed this understanding through years of experience in dealing with some of the industry’s largest and most successful growers. American Horticultural Supply, Inc. stands ready to help in this process.

With new leadership at the helm, it is important we focus on customer service and partnership. In this light we share our Mission Statement:

“Become the preferred distributor amongst growers by way of partnership, superior customer service and dedication to provide the highest quality of products and services.”

Call one of our friendly sales people for a quote on the supplies you need to grow today.

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