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Sunshine Mix Coir

Single Product

Sunshine Mix Coir

Sunshine Mix Coir

in Sunshine Mixes

AHS Part# 27650-COIRMIX


A versatile mix with a balance of peat moss and coir, Sunshine®SC1 SUN-COIR™ is recommended for the production of a wide variety of container grown crops, from vegetables to bedding plants and cuttings. It is comparable to our popular Sunshine® Mix #1 but has the added benefits of coir.  Ingredients include Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, SUN-COIR, Coarse Perlite and Dolomitic Limestone.  It is an all-purpose, water retentive mix recommended by SunGro for a wide variety of container grown crops.

Standard Packaging: Loose fill 2.8 cu ft bag

Limited supply of Compressed 3.8 cu ft bags in stock.  30 bags per pallet.


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