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UP – Ultimate Porosity

Single Product

UP – Ultimate Porosity

UP – Ultimate Porosity

in Sakata Standard Mixes

Sakata Solutions® Premium ULTIMATE POROSITY “UP™” Baltic Substrate is a high porosity growing mix specially formulated using a blend of varying peat moss fiber lengths along with perlite to create a growing mix with the highest known porosity to perlite percentage in the industry. Sakata Solutions® ULTIMATE POROSITY “UP™” is designed for crops that require both high water holding capacity and high air porosity.


Premium Block Cut Baltic Peat Moss
Horticultural Grade Perlite
Lime (Calcium Carbonate)
Wetting Agent


High Porosity
High-Value Crops

Chemical Characteristics

pH 5.4 – 6.2

Unit of Measure

3.8 Compressed Cubic Feet / 107 Cubic Liters
110 Compressed Cubic Feet / 6,000 Liters


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