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pH Buffer 18-6-24

Single Product

pH Buffer 18-6-24

pH Buffer 18-6-24


AHS Part#       PLANT-18-6-24

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Manage Water pH, Grow with Rainwater

Do you use rainwater as part of your plant growing regimen? Do you worry about the water pH in your growing media? Does your current solution have the necessary pH buffering capacity?

Growing with rainwater solves water supply issues, but can lead to new problems that cost you dearly. To buffer rain water pH, use Plantex Solutions pH Buffer. This balanced growth formulation with enhanced micronutrient availability restores the pH buffer capacity of water sources such as rainwater.

  • Puts the buffer (bicarbonate) back in rainwater
  • Micro Plus Enrichment: EDDHA, DTPA and EDTA chelating agents for improved availability of iron and other micronutrients
  • Tested balance of nitrogen sources for soilless production – high nitrate, no urea
  • No dye
  • Better pH control and nutrient availability
  • Use rainwater with no worries
  • From Plant Products development team – many years of experience providing nutrition solutions

The following conditions indicate the need for Plantex Solutions pH Buffer:

  • Water Bicarbonate Level: 0 – 60 ppm
  • pH level of media tends to decline over the season
  • Use of rain water in greenhouse irrigation program

Standard Packaging: 25 pound bag / 80 bags per pallet / 1600 bags per truckload


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