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Gavita Hoticultural Lighting

Product. Design. Service. Masterfully interconnected.

Experience the Gavita approach to lighting.

Light cycles. Growth cycles. Business cycles. We craft lighting solutions to improve all three. With expert lighting calculations, custom designs tailored to your environment, and post-installation performance testing, Gavita has what you need to reach your cultivation goals.



Greenhouse Lighting FAQs

Which type of greenhouse lights should I buy for my grow operation?

The type of lights used in your greenhouse will mainly depend on your location and type of plants being grown. Four main types of greenhouse lights include light-emitting diodes, high-intensity discharge lights, fluorescents, and induction lights. Each of these types of greenhouse lighting is designed for use with specific growing environments and plant types, so you should look into which would be the most optimal for your greenhouse.

How long should greenhouse grow lights be kept on each day?

This is another question that we often hear from growers all over the country. Nearly all types of plants need some amount of rest from grow lights each day. The amount of rest time will mainly depend on the type of plants being grown in your greenhouse and how much light they are receiving naturally/from other sources. Once you know how much light your plants need each day, installing a timer can help you achieve consistent regulation of the lighting in your growing environment.


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