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Hanna Testing & Automation

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Hanna Testing & Automation

Hanna Testing & Automation

in Hanna Instruments

HI 9813-6 pH/EC/TDS Temperature Meter

This waterproof, multiparameter, portable instrument with large LCD, and CAL CHECK is deisgned for greenhouse, farm, nursery, and hydroponics use. Complete with probes, calibration & cleaning solutions, battery, and rugged carrying case.

Range pH: 0-14


HI 98331 Soil Test Direct Soil EC Tester

A lightweight pocket tester specifically designed to directly measure soil conductivity and temperature. Automatically temperature compensated. Includes probe, calibration screwdriver, batteries, and instructions.


HI 98129 HI 98130 Combo pH/EC/TDS

This waterproof tester features an easy to replace pH electrode, highly accurate measurements on a large dual-level LCD and automatic temperature compensation.

Range pH: 0-14


EC: 0-3999 Us/cm

TDS: 0-2000 mg/L (ppm)



TDS: 0-10 g/L (ppt)


Hanna Testers & Portable Meters

Hanna manufactures a wide range of hand-held test equipment for every growing need. Order them today from AHS! #32030

Calibration & Cleaning Solutions

Always keep the glass bulb and the junction of your pH electrode moist. Store the electrode wit ha few drops of Storage Solution or pH 7 buffer solution in the protective cap.

Storage Solution for pH/ORP electrodes 500 ml bottle.


General Purpose Solution 250 ml bottle


Buffer Solution 4.01 500 ml bottle


Buffer Solution 7.01 500 ml bottle


Conductivity Solution 12880 Us/cm 500 ml bottle


Conductivity Solution 1413 Us/cm 500 ml bottle


Automated Greenhouse and Nursery Equipment

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