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Grow More, Inc., AHS vendor #46020, provides an extensive product line for a variety of markets worldwide. Constant achievement through applied research has been our motto since 1918 and provides the basis for the dedicated product quality and consumer preference.

– Grow More is ranked number one as the brand consumer prefer in over 30 different countries.

– Worldwide distribution and leading expert in agriculture, horticulture, floriculture and hydroponics.

– Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

– Superior technology.

– Optimal production facility.

– Service through the product life cycle.

The first chemical revolution in agriculture started over 100 years ago, when soil fertilization was discovered; the second chemical revolution – the idea of foliar feeding as an effective and important tool in crop fertility – is going to be common only in our generation.

Leaf feeding or foliar fertilization with Grow More Fertilizers can increase yields of a healthy crop beyond the capabilities of conventional, soil applied fertilizers.

Used correctly Grow More Water Soluble Fertilizers can provide an attractive economic return on investment over and above that obtained from soil applied fertilizers.

– Foliar Spray Grade

– Made with Low Biuret Urea

– Drip-Irrigation

– No Sediment

– Multi-Nitrogen Sources

Grow More – 100% water soluble fertilizer concentrate for foliar or soil applications.


General Purpose Formulas

Widely used in Agricultural and Horticultural application, special ingredients designed for immediate utilization by the plant, provide balanced N-P-K, multiple sources of nitrogen and fully chelated micronutrients

20-20-20   All purpose, balanced, high analysis formula for all field or greenhouse grown ornamental or agricultural corps.

0-50-30     Recommended for vegetables grown in cool climate conditions. Uptake of Phosphorus is fast and effective.

20-10-20   Contains 60% Nitrate Nitrogen, 40% Ammoniacal Nitrogen. Fast acting in foliar sprays or liquids fertilizer injector systems. Designed for cool temperature climates when plants                           need extra vigor and growth. May also be used in soilless growing media.


High Phosphate/Potassium Formulas:

Special high analysis soluble Phosphate readily translocates to enhance Bud set/Fruiting; also an excellent young plant starter and root builder.

10-30-20   High quality chloride free Potassium (the key to quality yields with improved storageability), helps reduce stress, builds drought and disease resistance, use as a finisher for fruits                         and vegetables.

High Nitrate Formulas:

24-8-16      Designed for cool temperature climates, dark weather or spring time, when plants need extra vigor and growth.

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