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Burros are collaborative robots designed to help people work more productively, while building the base for the automation where it is needed most. Burro technology utilizes computer vision, high-precision GPS and AI to follow people and navigate autonomously from A to B while carrying, towing and scouting. Burro platforms work immediately out of the box with no need for a central command or new infrastructure to support automation.

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How is Burro Used Today?

Today, hundreds of Burros are used in locations across three continents. Burros mainly serve for:

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Collage of Burro robot applications




Autonomy For All

Burros can carry; tow; scout; patrol; pull, push or propel a variety of attachments; and serve as a platform for manipulation.







Easy to Use

Auto Routes

Row Navigation

Person Follow

UI Overview

Base setup


Atlas Mission Autonomy

Atlas has transformed the way Burro is utilized by allowing users to plan routes remotely from any location with internet access. Whether mapping precision routes for a single Burro or managing multiple fleets in different locations, Atlas ensures ease and convenience.


Create and Manage Routes with Atlas

  • Atlas enables users to easily create and manage routes across fleets of Burros remotely.
  • Intuitive platform integrates with leading mapping providers (Mapbox, Google Maps, etc.) to provide high-resolution aerial imagery of sites for precise waypoint plotting.
  • Efficiently create and manage routes for Burro fleets operating in multiple locations.
  • Name, save and edit routes for future use and efficiency.


Start Using Atlas

Atlas mission autonomy is available with Burro’s Advanced Towing Pack, Mowing & Attach Pack, XL Kit and Guard DogTMThis tool can be used across multiple markets and for many different applications. To enable Atlas, contact Burro.


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