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SOLARIG® Wins: A Customer Testimonial

SOLARIG® Wins: A Customer Testimonial ?>

April 1, 2015 | OJ

SOLARIG® Wins: A Customer Testimonial

Four years ago Plantel Nurseries in Santa Maria, California installed new double layer, six millimeter coverings. The installation utilized several types of plastics included Solarig woven sheeting.

Scott Nicholson, President of Plantel Nurseries stated, “We did a test with Solarig 140 four years ago as a double poly cover. It is the only poly that has lasted the full four years and looks like it will make the 6 year lifespan that we originally talked about.”

While there was an original concern about the light transmission, he noted no difference in the crops performance compared to the other coverings.

The initial cost was higher than other plastics but he feels the return on investment has been justified as Solarig did not fail, fall or require any type of maintenance as compared to the other coverings. In addition, the liability of changing or repairing covers that fail during inclement weather is a greater cause for concern.

The other plastics failed to live up to their claim. Solarig woven sheeting outlasted and outperformed all other plastics!

SOLARIG®……and you are covered!

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