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Quonset Structure 24’ wide Post to Post


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  • 17 Arches 24’  –1 3/8” OD tubing #16 gauge
  • 1 row @96’ of purlin consisting of 4  24’ swedge pipes (1 3/8″ Pipe / 16 Gauge)
  • 34 Posts @ 6′ (1 5/8″ Pipe / 14 gauge)
  • 20 Pieces of 20′ Rolled Edge 13 gauge
  • 17 U-Bolts #9
  • 34 Sets of Galvanized Nuts & Bolts
  • 200 Tek Screws
  • *use 28’ for roof covering


Category: Cold Frames,Quonset Structures,Structures

AHS Cold Frame structures are economical and long-lasting! For ground-to-ground protection use our prepackaged kits available in three styles and a variety of widths and lengths. Arches can be placed 4′, 5′ or 6′ apart depending on wind and snow conditions. Our kits make a 96′ long structure when arches are placed at 6′ intervals.

Coverings are not included in kits, please see our Shade Cloth pages.

Key Features

  1. Customizable Design – We have it all when it comes to cold frame greenhouses. Choose from various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles to build a custom cold frame greenhouse according to your individual needs.
  2. Easy Assembly – You can assemble a cold frame greenhouse without any tools in just a matter of hours! Our structures are engineered for simplicity and affordability.
  3. Provide All Year Protection – Once your greenhouse is built, our durable structure ensures plants receive optimal light, air circulation, and temperature control throughout the year.
  4. Highly Durable Build Quality – Our cold frame structures are built with quality materials that withstand harsh weather conditions for years.
  5. Create a Versatile Growing Environment – Grow multiple plants at one time with a large or small structure, depending on what you need.

Differences Between Cold Frames and Greenhouses

Traditional greenhouses use gas and even electric heat, which can sometimes be harsh on the plants. A cold frame greenhouse relies on the warmth of the sun to protect and create a safe climate for your crops. It even protects your plants from the cold and strong winds, without the risk of damaging or burning them.

Benefits of AHS Cold Frame Greenhouses

  1. Affordable – Whether you’re just starting out or upgrading your cold frame greenhouse, we’ve got a design right for you at an affordable price.
  2. Customizable – With a wide variety of designs, features, materials, and options, you can customize an AHS cold frame greenhouse specifically for your needs.
  3. Productivity Focused Design – Our cold frame greenhouses are designed provide much-needed protection from frost and harsh winter weather while maximizing sunlight exposure.

Cold Frame Greenhouse FAQs

Which cold frame is right for my grow operation?

Many factors should be considered when weighing different structures to suit your greenhouse needs. Some of these may include:

  • Demand for plants that are planned to be grown in the greenhouse
  • Temperature and lighting needs for plants in the greenhouse
  • Climate in the region where the greenhouse is to be built
  • Water cost, quality, and accessibility
  • Any potential zoning laws
  • Cost of land where the greenhouse is planned
  • Availability of building materials for the structure and greenhouse equipment
  • Accessibility of labor to operate the greenhouse, if not yourself

How can a greenhouse benefit my grow operation?

Greenhouses provide a stable growing environment that provides plants with protection from extreme climate conditions. A high-quality cold frame greenhouse gives you considerable control over various factors of your growing environment such as the temperature, humidity, airflow, lighting exposure, and more.

This can benefit growers by offering a suitable environment for starting the growing season earlier in the year, provide space to harden off plants before they are moved to an outdoor growing area, and even create opportunities to grow plants during seasons that would not be possible otherwise.

What type of equipment should I use in my greenhouse?

It all depends on the types of plants you’re trying to grow and where the greenhouse will be located, but for many types of grows, this is the type of growing equipment that can help you create an optimal growing environment in your greenhouse:

  • Proper greenhouse ventilation equipment, both for mechanical ventilation and air cooling, if required.
  • pH meters and controllers to measure nutrient balance, pH, conductivity, and temperature.
  • Greenhouse heating equipment for regulating the temperature in the winter, if required.
  • Fertilizer injectors to help with the automation of nutrient delivery to plants. Many of these can be used in line with the irrigation system and can fit a wide variety of configurations to suit your growing needs.
  • Thermostats, controllers, and timers. Save energy and water with a well-optimized control system for your lighting and irrigation.
  • Carts and dollies to make plant & equipment transportation easier.
  • Greenhouse automation equipment to maximize efficiency.

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