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Hydretain Moist Mgr 3 lb. Gran OC 10/Cs 40Cs/Pt


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Hydretain Granular 3lb bag – Item #23900-0804130 Each 3 lb. bag treats up to 300 sq. ft. of gardens or 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn Available in 10/Case or 40Cases/Pallet

SKU: 23900-0804130

Category: Hydretain Moisture Managers,Irrigation,Lawn & Garden

Reduce Your Watering Needs by Up to 50% with Hydretain

Are you dealing with drought, high water costs, dry spots, or water restrictions with your lawn or garden? Get healthy plants with less water using Hydretain – A leading soil moisture management technology utilized by growing professionals around the globe. Rain or shine, Hydretain has reduced drought stress for golf courses, nurseries, landscapers, sod farms, municipalities & more for over 25 years.

Hydretain Works Wonders as a Liquid or Granular Moisture Manager

Hydretain is designed to help with soil moisture management. It can offer growers benefits such as:

  • Extended watering interval by as much as 2-3x for turfgrasses, shrubs, trees, ornamental plants, and other agriculture.
  • Conserve resources and lower utility bills with improved watering efficiency
  • Avoid restriction fines from excess watering
  • Increased seed germination
  • Save on time and labor
  • Improved probability for transplant success
  • Elimination of localized dry spots
  • Improved nutrient uptake

Hydretain FAQs

Is Hydretain Safe?

Hydretain is safe for use around pets, children, ground water making, and wildlife with no re-entry time.

Where is Hydretain Currently Used?

Hydretain is being put to use in professional and personal growing environments in countries around the world. It is often used on commercial properties, nursery & greenhouse applications, golf courses, sports stadiums, municipalities, schools, landscaping contractors, garden centers, farming & agriculture, high-end interior work and more.

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