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FROST30 39′ X 800′ 0.89oz/syd FOLDED TO 10′


AHS – 30 Medium Frost Protection Medium weight .9 oz per sq yd Widely used for frost protection on citrus, strawberries, vegetables and nursery stock. It conserves water by reducing evaporation. 70% light transmittance. Provides up to 6°F of frost protection.  

Frost Cloth FAQs

What are some scenario where Frost Cloth is useful?

  • Shielding crops from frost damage in late fall
  • Stimulating the growth of cool season annuals that are overwintered
  • Providing frost protection for crops in early spring
  • Inhibiting garden pests such as squirrels and insects from eating newly-sprouted seedlings
  • Shielding newly planted seeds from birds or other predators
  • Keeping soil moist to increase germination rates

What are the different types of Frost Cloth?

  • Lightweight frost cloths: These are made of breathable fabric and are used to protect plants from light frost, insects, and birds. These types of frost cloth allow sunlight, air, and water to pass through while tending to provide between 4-6°F degrees of temperature protection.
  • Heavyweight frost cloths: These are made of thicker fabric and offer more protection than lightweight cloths. They are used to protect plants from hard freezes and can provide up to 8°F+ degrees of frost protection.
  • Thermal blankets: These are often the thickest types of frost protection fabric with insulating properties that are used to protect plants from very cold temperatures. They can provide up to 10°F of frost protection and are typically used to overwinter plants.

SKU: 31300-FROST30-39X800

Category: Coverings,Frost Cloth

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