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Dramm Fogg-It Nozzle Superfine 12 ea/Cs


Fogg-It Nozzles are garden bling with purpose for watering plants and seedlings! Whether you have high-maintenance plants that need a gentle mist or heavy volume tasks, Fogg-it Nozzles are ideal for the task. A 3-jet design nozzle breaks water into a fine mist, producing a gentle spray on soil, seedlings, and plants. Nozzles create high and low pressure for your propagation needs. Fogg-it fits all standard garden hose threads. Different sizes for different needs, Fogg-It provides 4 nozzle choices for your garden hose: Super Fine: 1/2 gallon per minute. #28000-900 Fine Volume: 1 gallon per minute. #28000-901 Low Volume: 2 gallons per minute. #28000-899 Heavy Volume: 4 gallons per minute. #28000-898

SKU: 22000-20-72505

Category: Irrigation

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