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Cold Frame Piece (S)


AHS Cold Frame structures are economical and long lasting! For ground to ground protection use our prepackaged kits available in three styles and a variety of widths and lengths. Arches can be placed 4′, 5′ or 6′ apart depending on wind and snow conditions. Our kits make a 96′ long structure when arches are placed at 6′ intervals.


Category: Cold Frames,Structures

Key Features

1. Customizable Design – We have it all when it comes to cold frame greenhouses. Choose from various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles to build a custom cold frame greenhouse according to your individual needs.
2. Easy Assembly – You can assemble a cold frame greenhouse without any tools in just a matter of hours! Our structures are engineered for simplicity and affordability.
3. Provide All Year Protection – Once your greenhouse is built, our durable structure ensures plants receive optimal light, air circulation, and temperature control throughout the year.
4. Highly Durable Build Quality – Our cold frame structures are built with quality materials that withstand harsh weather conditions for years.
5. Create a Versatile Growing Environment – Grow multiple plants at one time with a large or small structure, depending on what you need.

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