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Berger Organic Mix 2 Germination 3.8 Cft 30Bags/Plt


OM2 is approved for organic agriculture by Québec Vrai is distinctively formulated for seed germination in plugs, trays, or floating systems. The OM2 will provide the ideal environment for rapid root development and consistent, high-quality seedlings. Standard Packaging: Compressed 3.8 cu.ft. Bag / 30 Bags per Pallet / approximately 600 bags per truck load Special Order : Loose 3.0 cu.ft. and 75 cu.ft. bags as well as Compressed 110 cu.ft. Skyscrapers

SKU: 07634-OM2

Category: Berger,Berger Organic Mixes,Media

Whether for plant propagation or crop production, flower or vegetable, greenhouse or nursery, we have a large assortment of products to fit your particular needs. Berger prides itself in its ability to produce high quality substrates for consistently healthy crops season after season and year after year.

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