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Berger Mix 2 Germination Mix 3.8 Cft 30Bags/Pallet


High-performance, general-purpose plug mix for unmatched uniformity during seed germination and seedling production Designed for seamless flow through tray filling system, this blend of fine grade peat moss, perlite and vermiculite can be used with most production systems and cultural conditions. Ingredients • Premium selected fine grade peat moss • Fine grade perlite • Fine grade vermiculite • Dolomitic and calcitic limestone • Non-ionic wetting agent • Standard seedling fertilizer starter charge

SKU: 07634-BM2

Category: Berger,Berger Mixes,Media

Whether for plant propagation or crop production, flower or vegetable, greenhouse or nursery, we have a large assortment of products to fit your particular needs. Berger prides itself in its ability to produce high quality substrates for consistently healthy crops season after season and year after year.

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