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RootMakers® are designed to create fibrous, non-circling root systems horizontally and vertically at all phases of production to equip plants for transplanting success. Rootmakers products aren’t just “containers” but rather root production tools. Each step complements the next, building upon the previous fibrous root system. A fibrous root system means a greater root tip surface area and translates to a greater efficiency in the absorption of water and nutrients; an increase in growth rate, establishment, and vigor; a higher transplant survivability; and ultimately, superior performance for you.


3 Gallon Round 10.5″ Pot Black




RootMaker® FAQs

Where Should Rootmakers® Propagation Containers Be Placed for Optimal Air-Root-Pruning?

Depending on the location, Rootmaker® propagation containers will be optimally placed between 10-24 inches above the ground. For outdoor areas in full sun with a moderate amount of air movement, 10-12 inches may be ideal, but for indoor areas with more limited air movement, between 16-24 inches above the ground may be more ideal. A telltale sign that the containers are not getting enough air circulation is if roots start poking out of the air-root-pruning holes.

How Can I Tell if the Soil in My Rootmaker® Containers Need to be Tilled or Sub-Soiled?

If you’re suspecting that the soil has become too compact to allow proper oxygen flow, drainage, or is inhibiting root growth in your Rootmaker® containers, a perc test will help you determine if the soil needs to be tilled or sub-soiled. To perform the perc test, start by removing the container, then fill the holes with water, wait 30 minutes, and then fill the holes again with water. If the holes are still holding water after 24 hours, then the container has failed the perc test and the soil should be tilled or sub-soiled immediately.


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