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Primerus Irrigation

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Primerus Irrigation

Primerus Irrigation

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Originally introduced by Roberts Irrigation Products, the SPOT-SPITTER is the world’s first nursery spray stake and remains the market leader due to its quality construction and precise water placement. The SPOT-SPITTER is now manufactured by Primerus Products, LLC.

The SPOT-SPITTER is the first and still the best! It is the simplest and most effective method available for irrigating nursery containers.


SPOT-SPITTER Product Information

SPOT-SPITTER Installation Instructions



Flexible, strong and dependable, Primerus supply tubing is a must for optimum operation of the SPOT-SPITTER. Primerus tubing is manufactured using premium broad molecular weight polyethylene resins which provide enough flexibility to easily form a water-tight seal without fittings or barbs. High loadings of carbon black and antioxidant additives ensure many years of reliable service in the harshest environments.

AHS hose & tubing

Tubing Data Sheet


NOW OFFERING – Pre-Cut Tubing


Primerus Products, LLC is happy to add pre-cut tubing lengths to its offering in 18”, 24”, 30” and 36” standard lengths with custom lengths available on request. The clean, automatically cut end results in better SPOT-SPITTER performance and improved distribution uniformity. Accurate lengths mean cleaner field layouts with reduced labor. And because they never go on a roll, cut lengths remain straight and easy to handle.

Cut tubing lengths are available in 3,000 pc per box bulk packaging or in 500 pc bundles. Primerus strives to keep standard lengths in stock for immediate delivery and to fill custom orders within 2 weeks.



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