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Poppelmann Square Pots

Single Product

Poppelmann Square Pots

Poppelmann Square Pots

in Square Pots & Trays

Pöppelmann TEKU® – square pots.

 A range of greater advantages for you. The TEKU® value of our square pots and containers, from which you profit every day. All square pots are the same? Not from Pöppelmann TEKU®. Fast growth, healthy flowers, excellent stacking and unstacking and the extensive use of recycled material. Often, it is such details which make large differences. In other words: precision work. The decisive factor in the quality of square pots and square round pots with and without a labelling slot from Pöppelmann TEKU®. It is also decisive in your success.


Poppelmann square pots

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