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Cal-Mag 14-0-14

Single Product

Cal-Mag 14-0-14

Cal-Mag 14-0-14


AHS Part#       PLANT-14-0-14

MSDS                   Label                   Product Guide

Plantex® 14-0-14 Cal-Mag Fertilizer is a water soluble “prilled” formulation that contains both calcium and magnesium, making it ideal for plug production or for other crops needing high calcium and magnesium.

Features include: High nitrate formulation containing calcium nitrate and potassium nitrate, with no urea.

A calcium to magnesium ratio of 2:1, as required for plugs. A complete nutrient package in addition to calcium and magnesium, and a high level of molybdenum as required for soilless growing

Standard Packaging: 25 pound bag / 80 bags per pallet / 1600 bags per truckload


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