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Pest Control

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Pest Control

Pest Control

in Pest Control

Bird Netting

bird netting

Compassionate prevention.

14′ x 500′ roll



Root Barriers

root barrier

Universal Tree Root Barriers are 2 foot long panels that snap together to form an impenetrable barrier. Interior ribs direct root growth downward. Available in depths up to 48″.

18″ Universal Barrier

26 panels, 52′ per case


24″ Universal Barrier

20 panels, 40′ per case





Geomembrane Water/Bamboo Barriers are 300′ longs, smooth rolls of lightweight, flexible, polyethylene ideal for a wide range of landscape applications. Extremely tough yet can be formed into any shape. Cuts with a utility knife.

Light, Medium & Heavy in 18, 24, 30, 36 & 48″ widths.



Order pre-packaged mixes of predator insects for any crop through AHS. Easy-to-follow single page instructions from Becker Underwood for each crop. Join the smart, sustainable, and healthy growing trend.


Pest Control FAQs

What size bird netting would work best for my plants?

The sizing of the mesh for your bird netting should be based on the types of birds that attacking your fruits & vegetables. The smaller the birds, the smaller the mesh will need to be to provide adequate protection.

What benefits do root barriers bring to a grow operation?

Root barriers provide guidance to trees on which direction their roots should grow. By steering root growth downard, the roots are better protected from growing into hardscapes that could cause costly damage, and in the process, this helps growers cut costs in having to replace damage to their trees.


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