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Created for professional growers and available in many formulations, Nutricote controlled release fertilizer is technologically advanced, utilizing a unique polymer resin which coats the fertilizer granule to provide a continuous slow release of nutrients throughout the crop cycle. The coating is resilient and resists cracking when used in mixing equipment.

AHS Part#   MSDS Spec Sheet



» MSDS: Nutricote® 13-13-13 MSDS Download Spec Sheet 



» MSDS: Nutricote® 14-14-14 MSDS



» MSDS: Nutricote® 18-6-8 MSDS Download Spec Sheet


» MSDS: Nutricote® 20-7-10 MSDS Download Spec Sheet

Standard Packaging: 50 pound bags / 40 bags per pallet / 800 bags per truck load


Nutricote FAQs

What applications are Nutricote mixes typically used in?

Nutricote is broadly used in both commercial and private growing environments such as greenhouses, nursery growing, and garden beds. It’s often used for plants such as bromeliads, orchids, and many varieties of potted plants.

How long does nutricote last?

Nutricote is available in various longevity ranging from 70 days to 360 days of release, based on an average soil temperature of 77°F.


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