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L.B. White Therma Grow Direct Fire Greenhouse Heaters


Therma Grow heaters are advanced, clean-burning, direct fired models that offer 20% better fuel efficiency than traditional heaters. Therma Grow heaters units can be mounted either inside or outside. Therma Grow heaters utilize exclusive, L.B. White Plant-Safe Technology, the only greenhouse heater certified to the stringent CSA greenhouse emissions standards. These heaters carry a 10 year warranty on the heat chamber and case, and have completely enclosed and protected components, making for years of trouble-free heating. Doubles as a CO2 generator.

Therma Grow 120 and 120 Plus

Therma Grow Direct Fire 120K BTU, NG, 120V White #38850-HW120P-NG

Therma Grow Direct Fire 120K BTU, NG, 120V Galvanized #38850-HW120P-LP

Therma Grow Direct Fire 220K BTU, NG, 120V White #38850-HW220P-LP

Therma Grow Direct Fire 220K BTU, NG, 120V White #38850-HW220P-NG


Modine PDP Gas Heaters

modine logo


PDP heaters are power vented and have a intermittent pilot ignition (pilot is lit automatically when heater calls for heat). They are designed for suspended mounting and require only a vent pipe and connections to a gas and electric line for installation. PDP heaters also include: corrosion and rust resistant aluminized steel components for dependable worry-free operation, safety features like overheating controls and a safety shut-off, high power fan to provide even heat distribution, and a baked-on enamel finish made to protect the PDP from harsh greenhouse environments. Some wiring required. Requires 110/120v electricity. Designed for propane or natural gas.

modine heater

Sizes from 120,000 to 320,000 BTU output. Made in the USA #44500


Convection Tubing – TRM Manufacturing

Transfer heat efficiently with our 4 mil, 1 year plastic in 18″, 24″ & 30″ widths.

Convection Tube 18″ diameter 4mil #06050-18

Convection Tube 24″ diameter 4mil #06050-24

Convection Tube 30″ diameter 4mil #06050-30


Custom Hole Punching

The most widely used system for heating and ventilation. Tubing is punched to your specifications to suit all known fan systems. With our many available hole sizes, we can fill a widely diversified range of punching and spacing requirements. Both hole size and spacing are arranged to suit your personal needs; such as proper air displacement for the length of your building. Hole positions are also placed according to your needs so that air flow can be directed to where it is most needed. By providing the length of your building, we can customize a tube to meet your specific needs.
Hole Positioning: 4/8 (standard), 5/7 for heating, 3/9 for Maximum Lateral Air flow, Multidirectional, Edge punch (directional flow).


Motors – Ridder USA, Inc.

Motors for retractable Black Out curtains, ventilation systems & shading systems.



Greenhouse Heating FAQs

What the main types of greenhouse heating systems?

  1. Radiant heating systems: Radiant heating uses tubes or pipes filled with hot water or air to radiate heat directly to plants and surrounding objects.
  2. Forced-air heating systems: With the use of a furnace or boiler, forced-air heating warms the air that is then distributed throughout the greenhouse via fans or blowers.
  3. Convection heating systems: Convection-based heating systems create a natural flow of air with the rising of hot air and falling of cold air that circulates through the greenhouse.
  4. In-floor heating systems: Through a network of heating pipes installed in the greenhouse floor, these systems circulate warm water or air beneath the plants to warm the environment.
  5. Heat pumps: Greenhouse heat pumps extract heat directly from the outside air or ground and transfer it into the greenhouse at the cost of electricity or gas.
  6. Solar heating systems: These systems use solar panels to capture and convert sunlight into heat, which is then distributed throughout the greenhouse environment.
  7. Biomass heating systems: By using renewable fuels such as wood chips or pellets, these systems heat water or air which is then circulated throughout the greenhouse.

What are some tips for making sure my greenhouse heating system is working efficiently?

  • Double Poly-covered greenhouses: Replace any poly covering that has become discolored or damaged from use, ensure that inflation fans (if present) are cleaned & well maintained, repair holes/tears in poly layers with sturdy tape, reduce condensation between poly layers (if present) with warm & dry air, keep side panels & structue clean of dirt or algae buildup.
  • Glass-covered greenhouses: Replace damaged panes immediately, clean & paint bars, ensure that all panes are properly in place & fix ones that have slipped, seal/caulk panes to minimize in/out air flow from leakage, ensure that panes have correct shading compound or coverage for optimal growth of your greenhouse plants.
  • Fiberglass-covered greenhouses: Replace damaged panes or those that have become excessively darkened from use, repair & seal cracks immediately, keep all side panels clean of dirt or algae buildup, replace closure strips if any have fallen off.


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