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Grower White Peat Moss

Single Product

Grower White Peat Moss

Grower White Peat Moss

in Sunshine Peat Moss

AHS Part# 38750-PM

The most popular of our professional peat moss lines, Grower Grade White has a fibrous consistency that improves aeration and increases drainage. It is OMRI Certified Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss and it is used throughout the greenhouse trade for the production of vegetables, bedding plants, mushrooms and is widely used as a media base for growers who like to create their own blends.

Standard Packaging:  Compressed 3.8 cu ft (30/pallet) and approximately 600 bags per truck load

Special Order: 5.5 cu ft (18/pallet); 55 cu ft (2/pallet); 110 cu ft (1/pallet)

Sunshine Peat Moss FAQs

What grower grades of peat moss does Sunshine offer?

Sunshine’s professional grade peat moss lines offers bales in these four qualities:

  • Grower Grade Green. Short-fiber peat moss that is ideal for use with intense screening and requires a stick-free growing media. Grower Grade Green is often used in golf course construction, mushroom farming, and for seed/plug germination.
  • Grower Grade Orange. Similar to grade white but less fibrous, Grower Grade Orange is commonly used in greenhouse operations for vegetable, plant, and mushroom production.
  • Grower Grade White. Sunshine’s most popular professional peat moss line. Grower Grade White improves aeration and drainage with a fibrous consistency that promotes plant root development. This grade of peat moss is widely used in mushroom, vegetable, and plant production in larger pots, hanging baskets, and other greenhouses applications.
  • Grower Grade Blue. The most fibrous mix in the Sunshine professional peat moss line. Chunky peat with high air capacity that is suitable for use with flowering plant varieties such as azaleas, orchids, and camellias. This grower grade is ideal as a highly porous mix in large containers and is available in limited quantities.

What is the significance of being OMRI listed?

The OMRI Listed seal means that the product has been comprehensively reviewed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and approved for use as an organic product. OMRI Listed essentially means that all of the materials used in the product are organic.


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