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Frost Cloth On Hand Updates

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Frost Cloth On Hand Updates

Frost Cloth On Hand Updates

in Frost Cloth

yAgribon +

Everyone talks about the weather. With Agribon+ you can do something about it! Depending on the weight, Agribon+ can provide up to 8° +F of freeze and frost protection. This means inclement weather, like early or late season frosts are less of a concern. Agribon+ can also help you jump start your growing season by providing a more suitable micro climate protection to sensitive seedlings. Row covers also give added protection for overwintering container stock. Sensitive ornamentals and vegetables alike prosper when protected by Agribon+. Agribon+ is porous to air and water for exceptional microclimate control which results in stronger, healthier plants. The smooth, multidirectional structure of Agribon+ allows the row covers to move with the wind. They stay in place while protecting your crop.

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