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Parts and Accessories

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DosaCart Portable Fertilization

Attach your 11, 14 or 20GPM Dosatron to the DosaCart and away you go! Perfect for garden centers.

  • 15 gallon PE Tank
  • Protection Crash Bar
  • No-flat, No-rust Tires


Includes Cart, Bracket and Crash Bar (Dosatron unit and Quick Hook-up Kit sold separately)



Dosa-Klean is the perfect companion to your fertilizer injector.

Dosa-Klean acts as a cleanser that lubricates your injector interior seals and all moving components while it cleans.  


Use Dosa-Klean on a regular basis to cleanse your injector and remove:

  Mineral deposits

Dosa-Klean Flyer    Dosa-Klean MSDS    Dosa-Klean Instructions


Li'l Bud-D DosaCart

Li’l Bud-D

Polyethylene construction, designed for stability. Compatable with 14GPM unit.

Includes 5 gallon bucket with lid, 10″ no flat tires. 44.5″ high, 19″ wide.


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Accomodates the 11 or 14 GPM Dosatron

Cart only: #21800-HSECO.

Cart, bucket, plumbing & Dosatron 11GPM:  #21800-HSECO-D25F1

Cart, bucket, plumbing & Dosatron 14GPM: #21800-HSECO-D14MZ2

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Quick Hook-up Kit

200 mesh filter, fittings, hose, clamps, tape and everything you need to hook-up real quick.

#21800-HSPK58 for Dosacart

#21800-HSPK58-LB for Li’l Bud-D





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