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Dip’ N Grow

Single Product

Dip’ N Grow

Dip’ N Grow

in Dip' N Grow

Dip’N Grow is conveniently packaged for the retail market in 2 oz kit size.  For industrial applications we offer 16 oz, 1 gallon, and 55 gallon containers to fit the demands of nurseries nationwide.

Dip’ N Grow Liquid Rooting Concentrate 

Instructions on how to use Dip’ N Grow

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Dip Gel , a new addition to our product offerings, is used in combination with the dilution of Dip’N Grow to help with the application of rooting hormones to each cutting – this enhances the overall effectiveness of total root propagation.  It is offered in three sizes, a 1 and 2 lb jar or a 25 lb bag.  NOT Registered for Sale in California. 

Dip Gel

How to use Dip Gel

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16oz Label      1 Gallon Label

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Dip N’ Grow FAQs

Are There Shipping Regulations for Dip N’ Grow?

Dip N’ Grow is classified as a Class 3 flammable liquid, so it has to be shipped in 1 liter containers if its being shipped individually. It can also be shipped in loads up to 20 lbs in a fiberboard box (with box certificate ECT rating of at least 32lbs/in.) if the packaging is appropriately labeled with the orentation arrows and an O-RMD label. Alternatively, Dip N’ Grow can be shipped in gallon size, UN-certified hazmat packaging with appropriate labeling for a Class 3 hazardous substance.

How Long Does Dip N’ Grow Last on the Shelf?

In its original container, Dip N’ Grow can last up to 3 years after its original manufacure date. Lessening exposure to heat & sunlight will also help to prolong its shelf life. After Dip N’ Grow has been diluted with water, the mix should be applied within 10-12 hours.


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