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SOLARIG BW 250 (Black & White)

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SOLARIG BW 250 (Black & White) ?>

SOLARIG BW 250 (Black & White)


*Super strong, opaque coated woven polyethylene roof sheeting.

*Ideal for lightweight, seasonal or temporary construction.

*Useful for outside work, storage or recreational areas.

*Provides a shady, cool and comfortable environment.

*5 year limited warranty.


                                     TECHNICAL  SPECIFICATIONS
 Parameter  Units  Specification 
Material Weight oz/square yard 7.3734 ± 5%
Breaking Strength Kg/cm Greater than or equal to 20
Elongation at Break % Greater than or equal to 18
Tear Strength Kg Greater than or equal to 20
Color Black & White
Material Standard Width feet Welded 42
UV stability Months 60



The test data is based on an average taken over several productions runs and should not be considered or interpreted as minimum or maximum values. values are typical data and not limiting specifications.

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