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Variable Speed Horizontal Air Flow Fans

All greenhouses benefit from horizontal airflow. Placed strategically, these basket style, solid mount fans reduce humidity, condensation and eliminate hot and cold spots. Small, quiet and fully enclosed with maintenance free farm duty motors.


12″ HAF Fan


20″HAF Fan



Fiberglass Exhaust Fan

All models feature rugged fiberglass housing, aluminum shutters, galvanized or stainless blades and single or two-speed motors.

36″ Belt drive flush-mount exhaust fan, 1/2 hp motor


42″ Belt drive flush-mount exhaust fan, 3/4 hp motor


48″ Belt drive flush-mount exhaust fan, 1 hp motor


52″ Belt drive flush-mount exhaust fan, 1 hp motor




Add this small, energy efficient exhaust fan to any existing house to prevent wintertime heat from cycling on & off. Draws off hottest layer in summer. Polypropylene blades & housing, PVC or aluminium shutters.

cooling. PFM2400-200. Fan



Galvanized Exhaust Fans – STRONG, QUIET, COMPLETE

Belt Drive or Direct Drive,  Slant Wall housing or Box Wall Style

galvanized fan



aluminum shutters

42″ Aluminum Shutter


Shutter Motor & Hardware



Wet Wall Evaporative Cooling System

Reservoir is constructed of very high UV PVC pipe, solid, requiring no cutting.

Supply Line is 2″ schedule 40 PVC pipe designed for maximum delivery.

Pump Kit is a Gould Sump Pump in 110 or 220 volts.

Spray Line is constructed of 1 1/4″ PVC pipe with holes drilled in line along the top.

Pads are constructed of cellulose fibers with built-in anti-rot agents.

Water flows down the pad, and air is drawn through the pads, the air evaporates some of the water, becoming much cooler.

Replacement Pads in 4″ & 6″ widths, coated or uncoated.

System height in 4′, 5′ or 6′

System length from 4′ to 76′.


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Greenhouse Cooling FAQs

Why is circulation important for my plants?

Continuous airflow is important for plants as it creates air movement which maintains a better microclimate on leaf surfaces. This gentle airflow can aid in preventing the formation of pockets of disease-producing high humidity.

Why should I use exhaust fans in my greenhouse?

A robust exhaust system can help to provide sufficient airflow which is critical in regulating the solar heat in greenhouses. As the air is warmed gradually as it passes through the greenhouse, the ventilation/exhaust system should provide consistency in its ability to hold the temperature growth to a minimum while being both energy efficient and cost effective.

Does my greenhouse cooling system need to be upgraded for summer use?

Depending on your location and type of plants/vegetables being grown in your greenhouse, a mechanical ventilation or exhaust system may not be enough to sufficiently cool the air during the summer months. Because the ambient temperature of the air being brought into the greenhouse can increase drastically during the summer season, it may be advisable to add air cooling equipment in addition to having robust mechanical ventilation for summer operations.


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