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Controllers & Thermostats

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Controllers & Thermostats

Controllers & Thermostats

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Micro Grow Controllers

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Growmaster Procom

State-of-the-art software and equipment operations with energy saving features used by professional growers and research greenhouses worldwide. #43845


Designed for smaller greenhouses, offers exacting computer-based control of cooling, heating, and air circulation equipment. #43845

Water Max

Time based irrigation and misting control system with 12 complete stations. Propagation cycling at your fingertips. LPD enhanced! #43845

Mini Mist

Al the features of the Water Max in a two station version. Perfect for small installations. #43845


Schaefer Thermostats

schaefer thermostats

Mechanical thermostats for many heating and cooling applications. Wide temperature range with narrow operating differential. Both single speed and two-stage, two-speed models are available in code approved moisture-proof enclosures.

2 Stage Heating or Cooling, 2 Speed Fan Control #58900-T109

Heating or Cooling SPDT Switch,40º to 110º  #58900-T115

AHS offers the complete line of Schaefer heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.


Greenhouse Controllers FAQs

What Types of Things Does a Greenhouse Controller Affect?

Greenhouse controllers help manage and regulate growing environment conditions such as tmperature, humidity, light conditions, and watering timing & limits. Advanced greenhouse controllers offer staged control that creates a uniform environment for growing indoors.

Why is it important to have effective greenhouse controls?

A well-managed greenhouse control system can help you maintain a consistent growing environment for your indoor growing operations. An advanced controller will understand the difference between day & night and adjust conditions based on the needs of the environment. Advanced controllers can also respond to multiple factors such as temperature, lighting conditions, carbon dioxide present, and even respond to weather events.


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