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Controllers & Thermostats

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Controllers & Thermostats

Controllers & Thermostats

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Micro Grow Controllers

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Growmaster Procom

State-of-the-art software and equipment operations with energy saving features used by professional growers and research greenhouses worldwide. #43845


Designed for smaller greenhouses, offers exacting computer-based control of cooling, heating, and air circulation equipment. #43845

Water Max

Time based irrigation and misting control system with 12 complete stations. Propagation cycling at your fingertips. LPD enhanced! #43845

Mini Mist

Al the features of the Water Max in a two station version. Perfect for small installations. #43845


Schaefer Thermostats

schaefer thermostats

Mechanical thermostats for many heating and cooling applications. Wide temperature range with narrow operating differential. Both single speed and two-stage, two-speed models are available in code approved moisture-proof enclosures.

2 Stage Heating or Cooling, 2 Speed Fan Control #58900-T109

Heating or Cooling SPDT Switch,40º to 110º  #58900-T115

AHS offers the complete line of Schaefer heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.



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