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Other Chemicals

Other Chemicals

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AHS does not inventory pesticides and herbicides.

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Growing Chemicals FAQs

What is the Worker Protection Standard (WPS)?

WPS is a standard designed to protect horticultural employees from potential exposure to chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers during work in a greenhouse or growing field. Information on these standards must be readable and accessible for all employees of a growing operation where chemicals are used in addition to hazard communications that must be gone over with each employee.

What are Restricted Entry Intervals (REI)?

REIs are a length of time that occur where entry to a field or greenhouse is restricted after a chemical application. Entry to an REI is restricted until inhalation exposure levels on the chemical label have been reached, ventilation criteria are met, and time/date on the warning sign has passed. Employees must wear proper PPE if they are to be permitted to enter during the REI label of a pesticide or chemical.


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