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Chapin On/Off Twist Weights

Single Product

Chapin On/Off Twist Weights

Chapin On/Off Twist Weights

in Jain Irrigation

New easy twist action, plastic coated metal weights available in multiple tube lengths, tube diameters, and flow rates.

Capacity on ¾” Line

.036” ID – 1600 Pots
.050” ID – 900 Pots
.060” ID – 700 Pots
.076” ID – 400 Pots

On-Off Twist Weights 18” .036” ID #13500-EWO36-18
On-Off Twist Weight  24” .036” ID #13500-EWO36-24
On-Off Twist Weights 30” .050” ID #13500-EWO50-30
On-Off Twist Weights 36” .076” ID #13500-EWO76-36


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