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MOSA Green

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MOSA Green

MOSA Green

in Automated Greenhouse and Nursery Equipment

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AHS is a proud distributor of MOSA Green machines. Based in Italy, MOSA Green has been designing and manufacturing top quality, innovative agriculture/horticultural machines for over 45 years. MOSA Green machines help improve production standards and efficiency for nurseries of all sizes. MOSA Green machines are well know for their simplicity and originality, low maintenance, ease of use, durability and reliability earning the trust and loyalty of growers around the world.

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MOSA Green DRUM SOWING LINE – 1400 trays/hr – Product Specifications



MOSA Green Automated Equipment FAQs

What types of automated horticultural equipment does Mosa Green offer?

Since the early 1980s, Mosa has manufactured revolutionary horticultural machines for applications such as:

  • Sowing – Seeding lines ranging up to 1,400 trays per hour.
  • Filling & potting – Tray fillers, pot fillers, soil fillers, bale crushers, and soil mixers.
  • Washing – Automated solutions for washing, drying, and sterilizing trays.
  • Irrigation – Multi-rail systems, control panels, custom irrigation setups, and irrigation accessories.
  • Stacking & destacking – Tray stackers & destackers, palletizers, and pot destackers.
  • Labeling – Destackers with labeling systems, pot labelers, and Ink jet markers.
  • Handling – Conveyor belts with fixed & adjustable speeds.
  • Transplanting – Manual transplanting conveyors and automatic transplanters equipped with motorized claws.

What are some major projects that utilize Mosa Green equipment?

  • Grow-Group – Baarlo, Holland
  • Grow-Group – Naaldwijk, Holland
  • Grow-Palanta – Felgjö, Hungary
  • Grow-Schwanteland – Germany
  • Plantulas Grow Group – Mexico
  • Grow-Fide – Antalya, Turkey
  • Grow Rasad – Irig, Serbia
  • Coop. Covimer of Battipaglia (Sa)
  • Coop. Young Agriculture of Monopoli (Ba)

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