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Florikan specializes in polymer coated fertilizer technologies such as Florikote® and Nutricote®. These controlled release fertilizers reduce the need for multiple fertilizer applications while improving crop performance. Our Staged Nutrient Release® blending technology times the release of plant nutrients to a crop’s uptake pattern, thereby reducing waste and increasing efficiency of the fertilizer.

AHS Part#   MSDS Spec Sheet
FLK-14-3-24 MSDS: Florikote® 14-3-24 MSDS
FLK-11-3-12 MSDS: Florikote® 11-3-12 MSDS
FLK-14-4-14 MSDS: Florikote® 14-4-14 MSDS Download Spec Sheet
FLK-14-14-14 MSDS: Florikote® 14-14-14 MSDS Download Spec Sheet
FLK-15-5-15 MSDS: Florikote® 15-5-15 MSDS
FLK-15-5-20 MSDS: Florikote® 15-5-20 MSDS
FLK-16-4-12 MSDS: Florikote® 16-4-12 MSDS
FLK-16-4-16 MSDS: Florikote® 16-4-16 MSDS
FLK-16-5-11 MSDS: Florikote® 16-5-11 MSDS
FLK-16-10-10 MSDS: Florikote® 16-10-10 MSDS
FLK-17-4-9 MSDS: Florikote® 17-4-9 MSDS
FLK-17-5-11 MSDS: Florikote® 17-5-11 MSDS


Standard Packaging: 50 pound bags / 40 bags per pallet / 800 bags per truck load

More Literature: Florikote® Brochure

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