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Florikan specializes in polymer coated fertilizer technologies such as Florikote® and Nutricote®. These controlled release fertilizers reduce the need for multiple fertilizer applications while improving crop performance. Our Staged Nutrient Release® blending technology times the release of plant nutrients to a crop’s uptake pattern, thereby reducing waste and increasing efficiency of the fertilizer.

AHS Part#   MSDS Spec Sheet
FLK-14-3-24 MSDS: Florikote® 14-3-24 MSDS
FLK-11-3-12 MSDS: Florikote® 11-3-12 MSDS
FLK-14-4-14 MSDS: Florikote® 14-4-14 MSDS Download Spec Sheet
FLK-14-14-14 MSDS: Florikote® 14-14-14 MSDS Download Spec Sheet
FLK-15-5-15 MSDS: Florikote® 15-5-15 MSDS
FLK-15-5-20 MSDS: Florikote® 15-5-20 MSDS
FLK-16-4-12 MSDS: Florikote® 16-4-12 MSDS
FLK-16-4-16 MSDS: Florikote® 16-4-16 MSDS
FLK-16-5-11 MSDS: Florikote® 16-5-11 MSDS
FLK-16-10-10 MSDS: Florikote® 16-10-10 MSDS
FLK-17-4-9 MSDS: Florikote® 17-4-9 MSDS
FLK-17-5-11 MSDS: Florikote® 17-5-11 MSDS


Standard Packaging: 50 pound bags / 40 bags per pallet / 800 bags per truck load

More Literature: Florikote® Brochure


Florikote FAQs

How Does Florikote Work?

Florikote is a polymer-coated fertilizer technology that is activated by moisture and its release temperature controlled. Florikan’s Staged Nutrient Release® technology times nutrient release to match the crop’s uptake pattern, increasing the efficiency of the fertilizer and decreasing waste simultaneously.

How Long does Florikote Last?

Florikote fertilizer is able to maintain its performance levels for up to 3-4 months after being used.


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