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AgroFabric PRO-34

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AgroFabric PRO-34 ?>

AgroFabric PRO-34

in Frost Cloth


Nonwoven AgroFabric American made, floating, frost & freeze protection with UV stabilizers. When winter weather theatens, cover acres in minutes with this easy to use, durable non-woven fabric. Choose a degree of protection and an investment level that’s right for you. Can provide up to 8 degrees of freeze and frost protection. Use to create a micro-climate for sensitive seedlings. Porous to air and water and UV enhanced. In-stock in standard sizes. Can be ordered as custom lengths with widths up to 60’.


Additional Product Information

Medium Weight provides up to 6º+F Frost Protection

1 oz. per square yard, 70% light transmission
Overwintering protection for moderate climates.
example sizes: 13’ x 500’ 22’ x 1000’ 26’ x 500’ 36’ x 1000’

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